Meet Comet


Come to our barn to meet with him and find out what his favorite food is! 

Meet Blitzen


Come in to meet the new baby and see him with the Elves at the reindeer barn!

Build a Toy in Santas Workshop


Toys are great, so why not build one of your own to take home? You can build a personal toy with Santas Elves!

Visit the Animatronic Reindeer


Come meet our Animatronic Reindeer, they not only move and make noises, but lets see if you can get them to sing and talk to you!

Ride the Train


The train will take you around the interior of Santa Adventure Land to see the different buildings and things to do. 

 Extra fee, unless you purchase the Snowflake or North Pole Packages. 



Meet the Grinch! Friday’s-Sunday’s beginning Black Friday! 

Build a Christmas Bear


You can choose your bear, then stuff it to your allotted thickness, then take it home as your furever friend! 

Extra fee, unless you purchase the North Pole Package.

Snow Adventure


Enter the snow room for unlimited fun! Everyone of every age can have snowball fights, and create snow angels!

Cookies with Mrs. Claus


Help Mrs. Claus decorate cookies for Christmas and you'll even get to take one home!

North Pole Jail


You can lock your friends and family in the North Pole Jail and take pictures inside as well. 

Gum Drop Forest


Visit the Christmas Tree filled forest and hear the story of Christmas from our talking Reindeer and sing with our singing Snowman. The forest also has gum drops, candy canes, and much more! 

Sammy the Elfs House


Visit one of Santas elves house, look through the windows and see the different ways Elves build and decorate for Christmas! 

Picture in Santas Sleigh


Climb into Santas sleigh and take a Christmas picture!

North Pole Post Office


Write a letter to Santa and mail it at the Post Office before ending your visit, but be sure to pick up your letter back from Santa before you leave!

Toy Testing Room


Go into the workshop and play with the toys the Elves have built and test them before they are wrapped for Christmas.

Animatronic Snowman


While in the Gum Drop forest, stop and see our snowman, he loves to sing to you! 

Flash the Reindeer


Come build your very own reindeer with one of the elves here in the village at Santas workshop! 

Elf Disco


Come join us for Elf Disco where you and the kids can dance in a disco to Christmas disco music and lights!

Elf Bank


See where Santa stores his presents to keep them safe from the South Pole Elves.

Christmas Carolers


Join us and see the Christmas carolers on the weekends and the entire week before Christmas!

Gift Shop


Visit the Gift Shop for any last minute gifts or even something for yourself! 

Movie Theater


Come relax and watch a movie that Santa is the star in at his theater during your visit! 

Buddy the Elf


Come visit Buddy the Elf! He will be here Mondays-Thursdays! 

Wallet the Penguin


 Come find Wallet the Penguin for a picture while visiting the village!  

Snow Globe Moon Bounce


All children 3 years and up can enjoy jumping in the snow globe.

Santa Scavenger Hunt


As you go through the village you will be on the hunt for a particular items Santa has in his village, once you find them all be sure to tell the Head Elf so they can give you your special treat!

Elf University


Come visit Elf University and learn how to be one of Santas Elves and learn the everyday mottos of the Elves and learn how to make Cotton Candy! You will also receive your Elf University Diploma!

Berry the Snowman


While here for your visit, be sure to find Berry the Snowman for a picture!

Visit Santa


Santa will be arriving at the center courtyard at the Golden Triangle Mall November 23rd through Christmas Eve! Be sure to visit him while he is here and get your picture with him!